Innov Community Participation

Kkey Care has a team of community-based workers who will engage you in your choice of activities and develop a plan that meets your current level of independence and identifies your long-term interests.

Innovative Community Participation (ICP) is a category of support that helps individuals with disabilities to access community activities and participate in social, recreational, and educational activities. The ICP support category includes the following types of activities:

  1. Community-based activities: These are activities that take place in the community, such as joining a local club or group, volunteering, attending community events, and participating in social or recreational activities.
  2. Capacity-building activities: These activities aim to build the skills and abilities of individuals with disabilities, such as improving communication, social skills, and problem-solving abilities. Capacity-building activities may include training courses, workshops, and coaching sessions.
  3. Group-based activities: These are activities that are conducted in a group setting, such as social groups, support groups, and peer mentoring groups.
  4. Individual-based activities: These are activities that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of an individual, such as art classes, music lessons, or sports coaching.


We aim to empower people with disabilities, their families, and support workers by providing excellent services that are safe, supportive, and reliable.

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