Group/Centre Activities

Kkey Care is a leading provider of group and centre activities for people living with a disability. We provide all of our services in a safe, supportive, and person-centred manner. Our dedicated staff is qualified and trained to deliver specific activities which promote independence, choice, and well-being to NDIS participants in our residential and supported living settings.

Group/centre activities are typically delivered in a group setting and may include a range of activities such as:

  1. Recreational and leisure activities: This can include activities like art classes, music therapy, drama, dance, sports, and other recreational activities that are adapted to the needs and abilities of the participants.
  2. Social and community participation: These activities are designed to help participants develop social skills, build relationships, and participate in their communities. They may include outings to community events, volunteering, and social clubs.
  3. Life skills development: These activities are aimed at developing practical life skills, such as cooking, budgeting, and household management, which are essential for independent living.
  4. Health and fitness programs: These programs are designed to promote physical health and fitness, such as exercise classes, yoga, and hydrotherapy.
  5. Vocational and employment-related activities: These activities are designed to help participants develop skills and prepare for employment. They may include training in job search skills, resume writing, and workplace etiquette.


The services are to support the NDIS participant on their journey and help them maintain social participation, and community inclusion and build quality of life.

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