Assist-Personal Activities

Assist-Personal Activities is a flexible, user-centred service designed to meet the complex needs of people with disabilities. Whether you need extra help on a regular basis or just occasional help with special projects, we have a solution for you.

This category of support is designed to help people with a disability participate in daily life activities and develop their skills for independence. Some of the services that are included in the NDIS Assistive-Personal Activities support category are:

  1. Personal care assistance: This includes support with activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, and feeding.
  2. Domestic assistance: This includes help with household chores such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, and grocery shopping.
  3. Assistance with mobility and transfers: This includes assistance with getting in and out of bed, moving around the house or community, and transferring to and from a wheelchair or other mobility aid.
  4. Community access support: This includes assistance with participating in social, recreational, and community activities, such as attending events, visiting friends and family, and accessing public transport.

By helping you remain in your current home, or work setting, we also reduce unnecessary stress as well as increase social interactions with family/friends.

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